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Some of you may know me as Islandbeergirl or Amber Morin.  I have made Vancouver Island my home for most of my life and, although I have moved off this rock more than once, I always end up right back here.  I am an island girl, through and through.  So what brought me to Craft Beer as a Career?  O.K., the truth is that I found myself a single mom and needed to support my family.  I had already had a twenty year career (almost) selling booze either as a bartender/waitress or in retail sales….yes do the math, you could get away with that stuff back then!  It seemed like the perfect fit.  I got myself a job at a local brewing company and dove head first into beer 101.  I read and tasted and watched and listened.  I made connections and toured breweries and read some more.  It seemed that something big was happening. I started to read about how many new brewing companies were planning to open and I wanted to be a part of it!  I’m not a brew master but I can be your guide to craft beer. I am currently studying to be a Cicerone. So Raincoast Brews is my way of sharing what I find and being available as a resource for those living or visiting BC.

So what will you find a the Raincoast Brews website?  Raincoast will be your resource for information about BC Craft beer with more of a personal touch.  I will be starting on the island and working my way through the rest of the province letting you know WHAT and WHO I discover along the way.  I also will eventually provide resources such as:

  • Legalities with liquor laws in BC
  • Tasting sheets and product notes to keep Pubs and Tap Rooms organized,
  • Training manuals and videos for pubs and tap rooms as well as liquor retail and brewery staff from proper serving technique to line cleaning and maintenance
  • Food and Beer pairing cheat sheets using actual BC products
  • Beer Aging and Storing guidelines including temperature control
  • Glassware guidelines
  • 1 hour Beer School class for hire for staff parties, stag parties etc.
  • Personal consulting and sales or networking for your business
  • Advertising on this site

I will also do my best to post the most up to date articles published by anyone in the industry in BC.  I get a lot of my info from them and hey, they are great guys! …And I am sure you will share my info….right guys?….guys?

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