flight of beer at Longwood BrewsI recently was taken for lunch to a pub along the coast of Vancouver Island near Parksville by a friend.  I wanted to check out their line-up anyway so there we were, the only two in the place at lunch rush.  The food was excellent but their beer line-up has missed the mark by a mile.

In addition to a boring array of bottled products by the “big 3” they had over half their taps pouring Labatts, a couple Molson products and only one Phillips, one Driftwood and one VI product on tap.  Seriously folks?  You are located smack-dab in the middle of some of the best breweries in the Country and you are limiting your local taps to 3?  The 3 they had chosen were not particularly interesting either but here’s the thing:  They have a new brewery within walking distance, three more in the next town over and several more up in Comox and Port Alberni.  With the amount of tourists that eat at this place it is insane that they have not “tapped” into the local beer.  People are coming from all over the world to drink our beer and taste our wine and one of the only pubs in town does not have either??? If you are a pub or LRS owner and need help guiding you into what you need for local booze….I am only a phone call or an email away. 🙂


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