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picture of Amber - the Island Beer GirlIt has been far too long since I have posted anything I know!  I had taken on a new role as the manager of a liquor store here in Nanaimo BC and have been working hard to build a reputation as a Craft Beer destination store.  There was a lot to do as their craft portfolio was almost non-existent a few months ago but now they are carrying many of BC’s best breweries and even have a few rare and exciting beers from Washington State in stock.  I am no longer there but I left it stocked with some fine brews and knowledgeable staff and an increase in revenue of over 30% I am told. As a result some of my other projects like The Beer Fairy and the craft product management app. have been put on the back burner.  However, by taking on a new partner at Raincoast Brews, Juli Bates, who has 30 years of bar tending experience and a natural sales ability that is truly astonishing. I have managed to keep my Brand Representation and Event Beer-Tending parts of this company going strong (Please contact me for booking)  I am also talking with the Cambie Malone Group about creating a new craft beer drinking experience in Nanaimo at the Cambie.  I am bar-tending there a few days a week while we figure out how this will look.  I am open to suggestions fellow Beer-Geeks!

I have been wondering how to find the time to write about what is happening in the beer world here in British Columbia and then I realized that if it is hard work and time consuming for someone like me to set up all these accounts, imagine what it would be like for small town stores to figure out what to order!  Here is the solution:  I am going to work on writing articles that not only pertain to us beer-nerds but to all the store and Pub managers out there who have not yet dialed in to what is happening in the BC beer community.  If you know of a store or Pub that needs help in this department have them leave me a message here or send an email to islandbeergirl@gmail.com to ask direct questions about what to order and who to contact for it.  Let’s share the beer love!  Please let me know what kind of topics we should be talking about ….I know that I have a few ideas but I would love to hear from my readers, specifically those in the industry.  ~Cheers!




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