The Great Canadian Beer Festival held every September in my hometown is my favorite event of the year. I have been attending almost every year since I was 18 and have watched it evolve into a well orchestrated symphony of Organizers, Volunteers, Breweries and Beer-Lovers respectively. The 25th birthday of the GCBF in 2017 was no exception to the awesomeness that one expects of this world-class event. This year welcomed several new breweries and the addition of The Drake Cask Tent for those who missed the entrance deadline.  With over 135 Breweries now in BC, competition is fiercer than ever.  The Cask Tent proved to be a great addition to the Festival and I hope to see the idea expanded in future years. Thank-you to the fine folks at The Drake for making that happen.
One of my favorite things about this Victoria BC, Canada Beer Fest are the Characters that show up. Some of the costumes, hats and t-shirts are obviously well planned in advance and I believe that with the t-shirts in particular, there is almost a contest going on here and perhaps there should be! There were some great ones and here are a few of my favorites:

The Best Of GCBF Shirts

yeah Friday!

i love craft beer


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